Additional language teacher education and assessment literacy: brief overview and challenges for language teacher education courses in Brazil

Assessment Literacy (Stiggins, 1991; Inbar-Lourie, 2008; Fulcher, 2012; Coombe, 2018) of pre- and in-service additional language teachers is complex and has unique needs (Levi and Inbar-Lourie, 2019). In 2017, an electronic search was carried out to verify the presence of the theme Language Assessment in the subject names, pedagogical projects, curricula and programmes of Language Teacher Education undergraduate and graduate courses in 50 Brazilian federal higher education institutions. 141 [...]

Saberes necessários ao professor para avaliar a aprendizagem de crianças na sala de aula de línguas estrangeiras

In the last few decades, there has been significant growth in the teaching of foreign languages to children in Brazil, particularly the English language. Considering learning assessment as a crucial element in teaching and learning, in this article we discuss teacher’s assessment literacy in this educational field. The data was generated by means of an online questionnaire, which was answered by 151 teachers from all over the country. The original questionnaire consisted in 70 statements [...]

Lingua House is a website for English language schools, teachers and learners. On the website, teachers and schools can download or print worksheets from an extensive library of teaching materials. In the learning section, students can access online resources like vocabulary pages together with definitions and example sentences (written and audio). You will be able to search by keyword, type of English, level and skill. On the search results page, there will be more filter options in the [...]


Twinkl is a website that provides ready to use or to create new educational resources that can be used at each step of a child's learning journey. The teacher-created resources available provide entire schemes of work, lesson planning and assessments right through to online educational games, augmented reality and so much more. They have over 525,000 resources and new content gets added every day.

Wordwall allows teachers to create interactive games and printed materials for their students. Teachers simply enter the content they want, choose the game template and the website automates the rest. Interactive activities are played on any web-enabled device, like a computer, tablet, phone or interactive whiteboard. They can be played individually by students, or be teacher-led with students taking turns at the front of the class. Printable activities can be printed out directly or [...]

My experience: Websites that help me prepare activities for presencial and remote classes

Carol Gonçalves, English teacher, who has been working for 14 years at the Brazilian Society of English Culture (SBCI), with scholarship students from communities in Rio de Janeiro


YouGlish offers a selection of YouTube videos for you to improve your English pronunciation. With more than 100M tracks, the website offers fast, unbiased answers about how English is spoken by real people and in context. Just search by topic and select the videos you want to use.

Listen a Minute

Listen A Minute is a website that offers listening activities based on very short audios (less than a minute). The topics are arranged in alphabetical order and once you choose one you have access to free printable handouts, downloads and quizzes plus MP3 listening.

Storyboard That

The website Storyboard That offers tools for you to create graphic scripts and comic books online. It can be used by teachers to create their own activities through digital storytelling or by students. Students will be engaged and excited to create plot diagrams, timelines, posters, and more. These teacher-created lesson plans and resources contain examples and templates that you can tailor and students can use for assignments and projects. With a wide selection of scenes, layouts, and [...]