Social identities of race and english teacher education development

This paper is a part of a larger piece of research, which is ongoing. That research is being accomplished with the participation and collaboration of two English language teachers at a public school in the state of Paraná. This specific paper aims to reflect about some perceptions of these English Language teachers about social identities […]

Learners’ voices about race/ethnicity at school: perceptions about didactic materials

This work aims to reflect on some issues surrounding the social identities of race /ethnicity in didactic materials (or teaching materials) of male and female students in two 8th grade classes in two schools in the city of Cascavel, Paraná. These reflections focus on interviews with students at the aforementioned schools. The theoretical framework used […]

Social identities of black females in english language textbooks used in Brazil and Cameroon

This article analyzes how the social identities of black females are represented in English-language textbooks used in Brazil and Cameroon; the intention is to generate reflections on how these social identities are portrayed. This research is linked to my participation in an international research project involving universities in Brazil and Cameroon. In the article I […]

The role of teacher training in accommodating diversity: security and preparation for a diverse classroom

A student of English is expected to be able to communicate in the language to thus broaden their personal and professional horizons. And this is valid for everyone. What are the challenges of teaching English ensuring inclusion and accommodating diversity?

Beauty and the Beast: working social issues through the adaptations

This task sequence aims at pointing out social issues, such as abusive relationships, harassment and other types of violence on “Beauty and the Beast”, both animation and live action movie, for their differences are taken into consideration. The target public were 7th grade students and the classes were instructed in English and in Portuguese. Languages […]