Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Towards Equity and Inclusivity in Ontario Schools

Ontario’s Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy (2009) provides a framework for building an inclusive education system. The strategy identifies ways to remove discriminatory biases and barriers to student achievement and well-being that relate to ethnicity and race, faith, family structure and socio-economic status as well as to sexual orientation, ability and mental health. To support […]

Frankly speaking: reading the concept of “English as a lingua franca” within the National Common Core Curriculum in light of bakhtinian thought

This paper aims at analysing the concept of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) which underlies the English language guidelines in the National Common Core Curriculum – Elementary Schools (BNCC). It starts with the presentation of the main definitions of such polemic and multivocal concept, with an emphasis on its first theorizations dated from the […]