Saberes necessários ao professor para avaliar a aprendizagem de crianças na sala de aula de línguas estrangeiras

In the last few decades, there has been significant growth in the teaching of foreign languages to children in Brazil, particularly the English language. Considering learning assessment as a crucial element in teaching and learning, in this article we discuss teacher’s assessment literacy in this educational field. The data was generated by means of an online questionnaire, which was answered by 151 teachers from all over the country. The original questionnaire consisted in 70 statements [...]


Twinkl is a website that provides ready to use or to create new educational resources that can be used at each step of a child's learning journey. The teacher-created resources available provide entire schemes of work, lesson planning and assessments right through to online educational games, augmented reality and so much more. They have over 525,000 resources and new content gets added every day.

Bilingualism and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Issues, Research, and Implications

Clinicians and educators often recommend that bilingual parents expose their children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) to only one language, despite the fact that there is limited research on bilingualism and children with ASD. Typically, the recommended language is English, as it is the dominant language of education and treatment services. The push to use […]

“Why Can I Learn English?”: a report of how school kids can appropriate from an additional language

Learning a second language is a daring yet very fulfilling task. However, it is a fact that children at that age are used to receiving inputs from games, TV shows, internet, etc; making it easier to work with both oral and listening skills in class. As pointed out by Bakhtin (1992) “all the diverse areas […]

Retelling the classics: Snow White as told by children

This project was developed with a 1st grade at a public school in the city of Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul. This project was part of an English Internship, and it was developed in 20 hours, divided into 10 classes. There were 20 students enrolled in the group and two monitors: one of […]