Social identities of race and english teacher education development

This paper is a part of a larger piece of research, which is ongoing. That research is being accomplished with the participation and collaboration of two English language teachers at a public school in the state of Paraná. This specific paper aims to reflect about some perceptions of these English Language teachers about social identities of race, during their teacher education development. The question that will be answered in this research is: what are the perceptions of these two English language teachers about the social identities of race, expressed during a workshop regarding teacher education development? The theoretical framework focuses on the social identities of race (GOMES, 2005; SILVA, 2003; FERREIRA, 2004; SANTOS, 2005; FERREIRA, 2012); official documents (Lei Federal 10639/2003; Diretrizes Curriculares para a Educação das Relaçoes Étnico Raciais e para o Ensino de História e Cultura Afro-Brasileira e Africana, 2005; OCEM- LE, 2006); textbooks (SILVA, 2008; TARINI, 2009; CAMARGO & FERREIRA, 2014; JORGE, 2014); and also some contributions from critical discourse analysis (Van Dijk, 2012). The research methodology used in this paper was qualitative research, based on applied linguistics (MOITA LOPES, 2006). The results showed that teacher education development assists teachers with theoretical reflections, as well as enabling the intersection of these reections with pedagogical practice.

Keywords: Social identities of race; English teacher education; Pedagogic practice.

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