Additional language teacher education and assessment literacy: brief overview and challenges for language teacher education courses in Brazil

Assessment Literacy (Stiggins, 1991; Inbar-Lourie, 2008; Fulcher, 2012; Coombe, 2018) of pre- and in-service additional language teachers is complex and has unique needs (Levi and Inbar-Lourie, 2019). In 2017, an electronic search was carried out to verify the presence of the theme Language Assessment in the subject names, pedagogical projects, curricula and programmes of Language Teacher Education undergraduate and graduate courses in 50 Brazilian federal higher education institutions. 141 courses (100%) were identified, out of which 17 (12,0%) offer Language Assessment subjects and 33 (23,4%) have the topic Assessment mentioned in the programmes of other subjects. There are cases in which both possibilities occur. Out of the 141 courses, 4 (2,8%) did not have information available online and 39 (27,6%) did not have programmes available. As for the graduate programmes, 32 (100%) language related programmes were found in the 50 universities. 4 (12,5%) of them offered specific subjects about Language Assessment and 5 (15,6%) have the topic Assessment mentioned in the programme of other subjects. None of the graduate programmes had both co-occurring; 11 (34,3%) did not have subject programmes available and 2 (6,2%) did not have any information available online. Although such data are a partial representation of the Brazilian reality, they indicate that both the undergraduate and graduate Language Teacher Education courses analysed have not given much attention to Language Assessment Literacy.