UK-Brazil Skills for Prosperity outputs

The UK-Brazil Skills for Prosperity consists of actions aimed at improving the quality of English Language Teaching (ELT). The activities are complementary and developed by the institutions that are in charge of the programme in the country — Fundação Lemann, Nova Escola, Instituto Reúna, and the British Council.

The aim is to offer teachers and students, through quality English teaching, opportunities for the development of skills for the world of work necessary to stimulate economic growth and poverty reduction. The training and skills development of teachers contribute to the strengthening of English teaching in the country, promoting an improvement in the learning of Brazilian students.

The programme’s outputs in Brazil focus on the public education system, with a special look at social and gender equity. Thus, the activities and materials developed within the scope of UK-Brazil Skills for Prosperity present inclusion as a premise, from its conception and production until the proposed approaches.

Activities will be developed with more than 2,2 million students and 14,3 thousand teachers from state public schools in five pilot states in all regions of Brazil (Amapá, Pernambuco, Mato Grosso do Sul, São Paulo, and Paraná), in addition to actions of national reach, with a total duration of three years (2020-2023).

National references for English teaching

Development of reference materials and documents that will serve as guidelines for state and municipal networks that want to improve or implement English language teaching. The documents, produced through a collaborative approach, take into account the contributions of a diverse group of experts and potential users.

Curriculum and school material

Teaching materials developed by teachers-authors from public schools and other specialists in the teaching of the English language, which aim to promote alignment with the local context and engagement of teachers and students. 

Teacher training

Teacher training activities aimed at teaching practises and linguistic improvement. An English language course will be offered, which can be used free of charge by any teacher in the country, in order to facilitate self-development and autonomy in improving technical and pedagogical skills.

ELT Observatory

The Observatory for Teaching English Language is a pioneering online platform in the world that aims to gather content, encourage debates, share experiences and ideas, with the purpose of contributing to improvements and changes in the teaching of English in the country. In addition, the Observatory will disseminate data on the English language in Brazilian public education networks in order to subsidise public policies and evidence-based decision making.


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