About the Observatory

The Observatory for English Language Teaching is a reference platform on the subject, developed as part of the UK-Brazil Skills for Prosperity. Aligned with the pillars of the programme, the Observatory is added to the other outputs in the country to support changes and the strengthening of quality English teaching, with a focus on public networks and with a special look at the promotion of social and gender equity.

Launched in December 2020, the online platform is a pioneer in the world for English Language Teaching (ELT). Here you will find original content on teaching and learning English and a selection of external sources on the subject through specialised curators. The idaea is to aggregate and share in a single space the available knowledge about the field and provide ideas and inspiration for improvements and changes in English language teaching in the country.

What we do

There is a lot of information out there, and it can still be difficult to find content on the subject we are looking for. To facilitate access to quality ELT materials, we examine available content and highlight the best we found among publications, research, experiences, practises, resources, key concepts, trends, as well as knowledge gaps on the topic, including its relationship with equity, diversity, and inclusion. As part of UK-Brazil Skills for Prosperity, the Observatory is also a platform for sharing content developed by the programme in Brazil.

How we do

We act as a digital repository, documenting and disseminating reference materials on teaching and learning the English language. For this, we monitor, select, systematise, produce, and promote content and discussions on the topic. Information and knowledge about ELT are made available at the Observatory in the form of data, studies, pedagogical resources and methodologies, publications, experiences, and practises.

For whom

Our audiences are enthusiastic and motivated agents, such as teachers, policy-makers, decision-makers, technical staff, and researchers who want to make ELT better, fairer, more diverse, and inclusive in Brazilian schools. They are people who yearn for perspectives, perceptions, reflections, data, and information to advance in the challenges of teaching and learning English in Brazil.


The platform aims to contribute to the objectives and other actions of the UK-Brazil Skills for Prosperity programme and to the ELT sector more broadly, supporting managers, researchers, and the Brazilian educational community for changes and the strengthening of English language teaching and learning in the country. In addition, the Observatory will disseminate data about English in Brazilian public education networks in order to subsidise public policies and evidence-based decision making.