Join the Climate Action in Language Education online course

The free online course Climate Action in Language Education is open to registration and can be run from today until June 30th. Offered on the British Council’s Teaching English platform, the course includes self-instructional classes in English, divided into 3 modules, with a total workload of 9 hours.

The training addresses aspects of English language teaching and learning aimed at highlighting climate action and environmental sustainability; explores climate change and learning in different ways; assists in the preparation of lesson plans linked to sustainability; and much more.

A certificate will be issued for those who complete the proposed activities.

To participate, just click here and login to the platform. Those who have never accessed the platform can register here.

Check out the modules and more information about the course below.

Module 1: Introducing climate change issues into language teaching classes 

This module will help you explore climate change issues and different ways you can effectively introduce these issues in English classes in ways your learners will find engaging and motivating. It’s aimed at providing you with a general introduction to the topic as well as helping you to recognise and evaluate the reasons why environmental issues can be an integral part of language classes. You will learn the key climate change terms and concepts relevant to your teaching context, and practical teaching approaches you can use both inside and outside the classroom.

Module 2: Developing and delivering lessons with a sustainability focus

This module will help you develop and deliver lessons that integrate climate change issues into your teaching practice as part of your current curriculum and moving beyond traditional coursebook environment units. It’s aimed at providing you with a principled approach to bringing sustainability into any classroom topic as well as helping you to recognise and overcome the barriers that can prevent teachers from doing this. You will learn how to equip learners with the language skills they need to understand, discuss and engage critically with climate change issues, and promote solutions to local and global environmental problems.

Module 3: Making sustainability part of your learners’ lives

This module is focussed on language learning and climate action beyond the classroom. It’s aimed at helping you develop projects, through which your students can use climate related language relevant to their context and participate in community action aimed at tackling the environmental crisis. You’ll learn how to design, manage and evaluate learner-centred projects which enable your students to act and make a meaningful difference. 

Start date

16 June 2021


Available for two weeks between 16 June and 30 June 2021


This module is available free of charge

Who is this module for?

Language teachers of all levels of experience with an interest in bringing environmental issues and sustainability into their classes


For participants who successfully complete all tasks and achieve a score of 70% or above in the online exercises, there will be a downloadable certificate of completion at the end of each module.

Level of English required

CEFR B1 and above