Observatory promotes webinar ‘Race, Gender and English Teaching in Brazil’ on June 10th

The Observatory for English Language Teaching promotes, on June 10th, at 5 pm, the webinar “Race, Gender and the Teaching of English in Brazil: for a more inclusive teacher education”. At the online event, which will be in Portuguese, we will present how issues of race and gender manifest themselves in English language teaching. It will be an opportunity to discuss the impact of stereotypes and prejudices on teacher education and classroom practices, and talk about ways to mitigate them.

The event is part of the UK-Brazil Skills for Prosperity Programme, a British government initiative aimed at democratizing English teaching in public schools in Brazil.

The webinar will be presented by Carolina Azevedo, an English teacher at the municipal network of Rio de Janeiro and a Master’s student in Education with an emphasis on Ethnic-Racial Diversities and Relations at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ), and will have as a guest Cíntia Camargo Vianna, post-doctorate in Literature Studies from the Fluminense Federal University (UFF) with research focused on the decolonization of foreign language teaching and one of the coordinators of Linguafro, teacher training initiative focused on this theme.

The event is mainly aimed at educators, and is open to anyone interested in building more inclusive educational practices.

Lasting 1h30, the webinar will be held on the Microsoft Teams platform and the public will be able to interact in real time through questions and comments.

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