Call for proposals focuses on education, gender and race equity: Girls Who Go Above and Beyond

Garota negra sorri, vestida com uma blusa verde onde se lê Summer. O fundo da imagem aparece desfocado.

The British Council, through the British Government programme UK-Brazil Skills for Prosperity, is launching the new call for proposals “Meninas Que Vão Além” (Girls Who Go Above and Beyond) to support projects that aim to prepare black girls, in the 8th and 9th grades of lower secondary education, for conscious choices regarding the continuity of studies and the construction of a professional career. 

In all, six projects will be selected that are conducted by non-profit organizations from all over Brazil, whose missions are linked to education, gender and race equity. 

From March 2022 to March 2023, the selected institutions will receive financial support and will be accompanied by the British Council throughout the period. 

The proposals submitted to the ‘Girls Who Go Above and Beyond’ call for proposals may include activities such as: 

  • training programmes for teachers or students addressing gender and race issues with an intersectional lens 
  • communication campaigns on issues of gender, race, work choices and construction of careers, especially in traditionally male dominated fields 
  • advocacy initiatives addressing the need to break with discriminatory patterns of gender and race in the school community and development of informative materials on these themes. 

The call for proposals will be open from 13 December to 8 February. Click here to access the call guidelines in Portuguese. 

On 16 December, the British Council presented an online Q&A session to provide detailed information on the call for proposals hosted in Portuguese. Watch the video in Portuguese. 

Learn more about the UK-Brazil Skills for Prosperity Programme and its Gender and Social Inclusion strategy.

Imagem de divulgação onde aparece uma ilustração de uma garota negra à direita, com dizeres à esquerda: Vem aí Meninas que Vão Além; edital para fomentar projetos de equidade de gênero e raça na educação

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