Who are the Brazilian English teachers?

On average, an English teacher teaches 303 students; within the ethnic/racial and gender perspective, black teachers represent 24.56% of the total, white 32.96% and indigenous, 0.3%

English language and ethnic-racial equity: why are we still so far away?

As a result of structural racism, representative education has not yet reached all Brazilian classrooms. The Observatory for the English Language Teaching platform seeks to support school managers in this issue from specific content

Webinar addresses the benefits of teacher development for your career

Online event takes place on September 30th at 5 pm; subscribe

Online tools that help with teaching English

Check out tips for platforms and websites used by teachers for planning and preparing activities for presencial and remote classes

Building to learn

How the maker culture, with object construction projects and problem solving, creates a favorable environment for learning the English language

Workshop for teachers: Pedagogical practices on race and gender in English teaching

The workshop “Pedagogical practices in race and gender in English Teaching” aims to encourage teachers to interact and reflect on inclusive practices in the classroom. There will be two groups, on September 2nd and 9th, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The activities will be performed live, and taught by Carolina Azevedo, a teacher at […]

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