The whispering game: an introduction to english phonetics

The present report is based on the workshop The Whispering Game, offered during the CAP Languages Week 2019, and applied with the groups LE90 (9th grade) and LE80 (8th grade) of Colégio de Aplicação of Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul.  The Languages Week is an event held by the teachers of languages classes at CAP and is an opportunity for undergraduate or graduate students of the languages course at UFRGS to create projects, workshops or any other activity in which any of the languages offered at CAP (English, French, German, Italian or Spanish) can be used. One of our professors in the English Department mentioned it to us and we, as undergraduate students, thought that would be a good opportunity to practice our teaching skills inside a classroom. The workshop had the duration of fifty minutes, approximately, and the required materials for it were a projector, audio equipment — adapted, on the day, to a cell phone —, earphones, and internet.