Bringing multicultural perspectives on English into the classroom

What are the images we usually relate to English? Which countries and cultures are usually represented in English learning materials? Do they speak for the variety of official English speaking countries and their cultures around the world? This report describes the attempt to include multiple perspectives of English speaking cultures in the classroom. The classes were conducted in an Intercultural Communication course from the Idiomas sem Fronteiras program (which focuses on internationalizing the academic community) at UFRGS, in 2017. Although this is a description of classes held in a short course for intermediate level adults in a specific learning context, these tasks can be transformed into a small project and even adapted to lower level learners (and the descriptions will include tips on how to do so). The target ability of this course was oral communication, therefore there was no specific syllabus to be followed in terms of grammar or vocabulary: the goal of the following sequence is “simply” to provide students with a brief but significant immersion on discussions in English, as well as resources that helped their communication from simple to more complex situations.