My experience: The challenge of involving teachers in the decolonial approach

Ruan Nunes, English language teacher, who worked with monitoring interns and teacher training in language schools and the municipal network of Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

My experience: Library as a space for debate and exchange of information

Ivanilma de Oliveira Gama, substitute head at the library of the Federal Centre for Technological Education Celso Suckow da Fonseca (Cefet-RJ), in Rio de Janeiro, Itaguaí campus

My experience: Teaching English to students with intellectual and hearing disabilities in public schools

Genivan Belo Jesus, English teacher of Secondary Education I and Upper Secondary Education in the public state network of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim (ES)

Rio Global Child Programme

Interview with Gláucia Morais, an English teacher from the municipal network of Rio de Janeiro who works in bilingual schools of the Rio Global Child Programme since the first experimental units were implemented in 2013. She tells her experiences along this path, as the project became a public policy and what are the impacts on the lives of the students served, who live in conflicted areas of the capital of Rio.

My experience: Teaching English through games

Fernanda Caesar Machado Borges, English teacher at the Youth and Adult Education Centre (Ceja) and the Technological and Vocational Education Centre (Cetep) in Itaperuna (RJ). She is also a director of Achieve Languages, in the same city.

My experience: Project-based learning in English classes

Ezequiel Gonçalves de Paula, elementary school II teacher in the municipal network of Varre-Sai (RJ), and elementary school II and high school in the state network of Minas Gerais, in the city of Eugenópolis

“Why Can I Learn English?”: a report of how school kids can appropriate from an additional language

Learning a second language is a daring yet very fulfilling task. However, it is a fact that children at that age are used to receiving inputs from games, TV shows, internet, etc; making it easier to work with both oral and listening skills in class. As pointed out by Bakhtin (1992) “all the diverse areas […]

The English language as a connection to other cultures

According to Louro (1980), the school curriculum establishes some standard knowledge and truth. It not only makes that some cultures are silenced and stereotyped but a common sense also is established. So the goal of the project ‘’English as a connection to other cultures’’ is to expand the possibilities of interpretations and worldviews. Another purpose […]