Introducing Amy Winehouse in the English class

This teaching unit was designed as the final work for Literatura Inglesa III course. Amy Winehouse’s songs approach many issues that I, as a teacher to be, find very important to discuss in class, such as toxic/abusive relationships, romantic disappointments, and drug addiction. Introducing these topics in the class is also following some instructions presented in the BNCC of High School. This document claims that the school must receive and accept students’ different youths, and one way of doing it is by “conhecer-se e lidar melhor com seu corpo, seus sentimentos, suas emoções e suas relações interpessoais, fazendo-se respeitar e respeitando os demais” (BRASIL, 2017, p.466). The BNCC also brings a very important expression, especially when it comes to High School: projeto de vida. This teaching unit comes as an attempt of incorporating all these ideas and competences in the English class. Introducing music, Amy Winehouse, and such taboo discussions in High School classes may be one of the most challenging things I have done during my undergraduate course, but I would love to have had these classes when I was at school.